About Us

Founded in 2002, Freight Concepts remains family owned and operated. During our time in the industry, we have grown steadily to become one of the foremost and reputable Transport Brokerages in the country. With branches in Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide we manage thousands of deliveries around Australia each day, and our representatives travel to all major cities visiting existing and potential clients.

What we do

Our core objective is to streamline and simplify the distribution process by being a “one stop shop” for your various logistics needs. We do this by continually building and strengthening relationships with the nation’s leading freight companies, whilst in unison providing fast, knowledgeable, efficient and easily accessible customer service for our clients. The One Stop Shop – Advantages for your business By synergising across the various aspects of your logistics, Freight Concepts becomes a single point of contact for your transport operations. This provides significant benefits that directly affect your bottomline in both cost and time savings:
  • We make an experienced assessment of your transport needs and provide recommendations as to the best match for your requirements, from our broad portfolio of carriers. It’s surprising how many businesses use a single carrier for diverse types of freight, as opposed to comparing and engaging specialists for each type of work to gain cost and service benefits.
  • Anyone who dispatches freight knows what it can be like trying to get hold of transport companies on the phone or have emails responded to. For us, customer service is paramount and you won’t spend ages in a phone queue, or waiting for an email reply. Our team will take care of that on your behalf and come back to you ASAP. This is a huge time and stress saving for many of our clients who build up great working relationships with Customer Service staff.
  • Over time businesses change, carriers can decline and new players come on the scene. Despite this, many organisations remain reluctant to switch providers due to the hassle involved. At Freight Concepts we pride ourselves on being able to take the pain out of this process for you. We also seek to keep our clients, “ahead of the curve”, by proactively recommending advantageous changes as the needs/opportunities arise.
  • We can provide you with online consignment generation and booking via our EzySend system, which we set up and install for you upon joining.
  • Even if you use several different carriers through us, we will provide just one itemised weekly bill, greatly streamlining the reconciliation process for your Accounts Payable department. Our support team are always available to quickly handle any invoice or costing queries that you might have.